David Corby

Programmer/Web Developer

Philadelphia, PA based


(718) 431-5014

General-practice programmer and web developer looking for interesting work. I have experience in a few different industries but I mostly enjoy computing on Linux, particularly with data management and web development tools.

Work History

SportsDataIO, programmer | Conshohocken, PA (2022)

Staff programmer for a variety of applications, including the company's API, its internal data management system, and automated integrations. Also take care of various backend applications like user management and billing. Application code is .NET C#, with some legacy VB applications. All non-cache data storage takes place in SQL Server.

Sports Reference, programmer | Philadelphia, PA (2013-2021)

Nominally a programming position, but the job scope was incidentally very vast. Was the de facto site manager and maintainer for the company's NBA and NCAA basketball sites, and did nearly all the data acquisition, cleaning, entry, and testing, and wrote and managed the sites' "ETL" pipelines and builds. Made lots of content decisions as well, and was 24/7/365 on-call for site issues. The basic technical context was CentOS machines, Perl5, MySQL, and very bare implementations of all three. The core technical responsbilities included writing application code to manage data intake from remote APIs and internal systems, and to conditionally run tests and builds. Most data was stored in MySQL. The sites had a simple AWS cloud setup which served static files and powered database search products.

JetBlue Airways, commercial operations | Forest Hills, NY (2006-2012)

Worked in a variety of commercial roles like pricing and route planning, and was also involved in different aspects of the company's marketing operation. This is non-programming stuff, will keep it brief, but the most interesting position was a senior planning role during a heady growth phase for the airline. I worked closely with executive and consulting teams toward a large market expansion in Boston and the Caribbean. JetBlue was a pretty small company at the time, I got to do a lot of different things.


RallyCap Stats, creator | (2021-2022)

Created my own sports data project, RallyCap Stats. It's a static sports data and history site, with some product features including a JSON API. Developed on Ubuntu with recent versions of Python, Postgres, NumPy and Pandas. Sites reside in AWS cloud services like S3, CloudFront, and EC2/Elastic Load Balancer. Much of the HTTP layer is "serverless", written on Amazon's Lambda service. Wrote lots of useful client programs to make site updates, maintenance, and deployment a breeze. Always under development, please don't mind the bugs.

Programs I use a lot

Ordered in a way that represents my interest in, mastery of, and past and ongoing use of, various programs: Python, Perl, Bash, Linux, JavaScript (some modern), MySQL, PostgreSQL, Flask, Django, AWS Cloud Services, Git/GitHub, Docker, Pandas, Matplotlib, D3.js, Apache HTTP, NGINX. I have a fair grasp of web standards and practices, including for accessibility, and always prioritize responsive front-end features. I own lots of O'Reilly titles. My favorite, and the one that sparked my interest in programming, is Baseball Hacks. As diversions, I've worked on projects writing apps for Android, a database in C, and building map servers with PostGIS. My main thing is I want to program productively, and work with products and systems that I like.

Education and Hobbies

I earned a BA in economics from the University of Virginia in 2005. I enjoy reading, programming, walking my dog, and writing letters to my councilperson.